Game Design News #1

Hey everybody !

Find below the best news about Game Design that I unraveled just for you. It will help you to upgrade your Prototypes and give the world games beyond the box !

Not to miss !

The 8th episode of 63/88, the excellent podcast hosted by Zephiriel and Théo Rivière. They explain every step of Game Design from the first idea to the game in retail stores and more. In this episode is featured : marketing ! Available here.


From the start

The most used mechanic in games is : the ABS ! It helps you understand every strategy game : Acquire, Build and Score. More details over here.

What do YOU think ?

The Beyond the Box team discussed it this week : colorblindness ! What if there was universal icons to help colorblind identify colors instantly ? You do not SEE what I mean ? Les Sentiers de l'Imaginaire will show you the way, over here.Icones couleurs

Listen to this !

Let's do it

The CLuBB opened the registrations for the 40th Boulogne-Billancourt’s international Game Design Challenge. Many boardgames got edited thanks to the past Challenges, such as Tokaïdo, Welcome to, Not Alone or Huns. Why not try to add your boardgame to this list ? Get our best advice to prepare for such Challenge in our Newsletter #1. Find all the Challenge details here.


That's it for last week ! Your Prototypes are improving and you have ideas to help everybody  have access to boardgaming ? Let's share it with the community on the Beyond the Box Facebook page. See you next week !


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