Game Design News #2

Hey everybody !

Find below the best news about Game Design that I unraveled just for you. It will help you to upgrade your Prototypes and give the world games beyond the box !

Not to miss !

I finished reading Jamey Stegmaier’s book available on Amazon : A Crowdfunder’s strategy Guide, Build a Better Business by Building Community. Jamey Stegmaier is the funder of Stonemaier Games which published Wingspan, Scythe a,d Tapestry. You will find  many advice on how to manage a successful crowfdunding project based on the 270 Kickstarter lessons available online.

Jamey Stegmaier's Guide

Let's do it

Why write about Jamey Stegmaier ? Simply because Wingspan has now been played for 90.000 hours on Tabletopia in total. Tabletopia is a web page where you can add your game online and share it with your community, such as Tabletop Simulator or BoardGameArena.


If you have never tried do programm your game online, now is the time ! Even with a pandemic, you can always extend your community online. To learn how to do it on Tabletopia, follow these easy steps.

We play ?

I, myself, did it with one of Beyond The Box’s game : El Diablo VS Captain Guacamole ! You can play it online on Tabletopia. To play against me, join the Discord with this link :  


From the start

2020 had a real impact on the boardgame industry such as online boardgames. Gus&Co wrote abouti it in one of its latest article : Le jeu de société en 2021 sera défini par ces 12 derniers mois de chaos. Wingspan’s author, Elizabeth Hargrave, is however not a fan of online boardgames and is eager to play on an actual table soon.

Listen to this
To self publish or to contact a publisher ? Both have very different specificities. Carla KOPP is a game designer and she interviews someone from the industry every week or so. In this episode, she discuss those specificities with Eric Slauson.

Weird Giraffe Games

That’s it for last week ! Your Prototypes are improving and you have information on boardgame design ? Let's share it on the Beyond the Box Facebook page. See you next week !


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